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  Department of Science and Humanities :::



Department of English was established since the inception of the Institution with other Departments. This has grown quite remarkably well and attained immense growth. The Department is headed by Dr S. Maria Siluvai.


  • To provide Standard English education and to impart training to learners, with individual attention to regional medium students.
  •  To make the candidates aware of societal needs, besides self improvement.

To Educate and train the learners to

  • Use English effectively as a powerful tool of communication.
  • Gain self-assertion as users of English.
  • Gather information and experience through practising the language in all the four dimensions of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Think freely, critically and widely.
  • Express lucidly and assertively.
  • Thus grow individually and as members of society


The Department strives to develop world class leaders in the society of tomorrow. Other than teaching English, related to their exams in the first year, and Communications Skills Laboratory in the third year to B.E. / B.Tech students as per the curriculum of Anna University of Technology, Chennai, the Department plays a vital role in the all-round development of the students who belong to varied castes, creeds and financial backgrounds. Its primary objective is to produce graduates of international repute by imparting communication skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills as well. It also trains students for BEC, conducted by Cambridge University.

Our College has signed a MOU with the British Council for conducting Business English Certificate Preliminary Examinations for all the first year UG students. Every year considerable number of students appear for all levels of BEC – Preliminary and Vantage courses. The Department has been felicitated by Cambridge University for promoting the students regularly to take up BEC Preliminary and Vantage courses since 2013.


The primary goal of the physics program is to lay a strong foundation in the knowledge, practice, and applications of physics so that the student will be motivated for further studies and will be scientifically competent in all her endeavors.
Our Physics Department provides an encouraging environment to develop the intellectual capacity, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving ability of its students. The Department is committed to serving the needs of various branches of engineering by fostering an effective teaching/learning environment. The experiments are designed to illustrate phenomena in different areas of physics and to expose in measuring instruments. We have very well equipped laboratories for conducting all the experiments. The staff members are very enthusiastic, dynamic and committed towards all the activities the department undertakes. The Staff members are actively involved in research in the areas of crystal growth and Nanoscience.
Upon successful completion of the prescribed program, the student will be able to demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge of physics which would lead to a successful career in physics related profession such as engineering or education. It also demonstrates proficiency in the application of physics to problems of science, society, and technology.
The Staff are committed to teaching physics as a coherent and challenging subject that support teaching and learning with well-equipped laboratory. Our faculties meet the challenging society with the knowledge in the Research field of Crystal Growth and its Structure. They also provide the support and guidance to the students need, and to encourage them to take on responsibility for their educational development.
The faculties foster a friendly and stimulating learning environment in which students are motivated to reach high standards, to acquire real insight into physics and to become self-confident, committed and adaptable graduates.
The goals of the faculties in the Physics department are to produce graduates that not only appreciate the beauty and power of physics to describe the universe in which we live, but also possess an understanding of the following:

  • Context/Scope: Be able to read, present and/or discuss information found in current research or scientific journals
  • Knowledge: An understanding of the physical principles required to analyze a physical question or topic
  • Problem-Solving: Analyze problems to determine what is being asked and develop the best approach to provide a solution
  • Research: An understanding of how to perform modern literary searches to locate and retrieve scientific information
  • Communication: Present physical concepts, sound mathematical reasoning and the results of laboratory experiments through effective oral presentations.
  • Life-long learning :Think creatively about scientific problems and their solutions.

Chemistry is present everywhere in our daily life. But most of us do not recognize the real involvement provides a positive contribution to understanding Chemistry. The chemistry as a basic science is offered in the first year, engineering chemistry–I and II for all Engineering and Technology disciplines.

Chemistry is a superior science capable of being aligned with any branch of study. The Department comprises of a goal oriented group of highly qualified, experienced and dynamic faculty members.

Chemistry department has a well equipped lab to cater to the needs of the students. The department provides individual instruments for all the students and the equipment available in the department are more than that required as per Anna University Syllabus.
It serves to provide strong foundation in Applied Chemistry which in turn serves as a baseline for all Engineering streams.


The Department of Mathematics which has been established in the year 2001 offers opportunity for technical learning and research in wide spectrum of areas in mathematics. Department ignites the young minds with regard to space research, universal wonders and aptitude for all competitive exams. Initially it fills the gap between school and college by laying strong bridge in young minds and deletes panic of mathematics from the minds of young engineers. Department is well built with dedicated, sincere, competent and experienced faculty. This Department is a beehive which imparts wisdom and mathematical support to the students who take up the projects in various engineering disciplines.